At Agewell, we believe

Old people provide a treasure trove of traditional beliefs, values, mythology, culture and knowledge transmitted across generations…

Agewell Foundation USA, Inc. is committed to make a coordinated effort with compassion and understanding to transform social attitudes about older persons. The purpose is to create the infrastructure to empower every older person.


Our mission is to disabuse the popular mind-set that regards our elders with a sense of pity for their helplessness, replacing it with an attitude of confidence, fostering respect for them and encouraging fortitude in them.

We endeavor to initiate better interaction between the generations by

  • Bringing about a change in perceptions about Old Age
  • Initiating steps to create a friendly environment for senior citizens
  • Evolving a sense of moral and social responsibility towards senior citizens
  • Advocating for the needs and rights of senior citizens
  • Extending a helping hand to senior citizens, in need