USA Program


Agewell Foundation USA Inc.

Agewell Foundation USA Inc. is determined to extend a helping hand to Old People in India Over 130 Million Older People live in India….

83+ Millions Indian elderly are in Need of Help!

Agewell Helplines for Older Persons in India

For extending a helping hand to older persons, in need

Agewell Employment Exchange for Older Persons

For providing gainful engagement opportunities to retired older persons

Digital Literacy Program for Older Persons

For providing Digital / Computer Training to digitally illiterate older persons

Research & Advocacy Centre

For Needs & Rights of Older Persons

Share the Warmth Campaign

For protection of destitute & elderly during winters

USA Program


Agewell Foundation USA Inc.

is dedicated to advocate for the Needs & Rights of Old People of India and Old People across the USA by conducting research and advocacy initiatives on issues concerning old people.

The Foundation expects to initiate more extensive and comprehensive studies on the Older Persons, so that emerging needs, problems and rights of the older persons could be identified, understood & analysed.


Research Studies conducted by Agewell Foundation in India so far...

  • Study on Human Rights of Elderly in India: A Critical Reflection on Social Development
  • Human Rights Of Older Persons: A Reality Check
  • Gender Discrimination Among Older Women In Delhi
  • Study of Problems being faced by Older Persons
  • Assessment of Impact of Economic Slowdown on older persons
  • Study of Role of Older persons in Democratic Process
  • Study of Status of Older Persons in Minority Communities
  • Study of Bedridden & Older Patients of Delhi & NCR
  • Study on Status of Older Persons in Nuclear Families
  • Study on Isolation in Old Age
  • Study of Income & Expenditure Patterns of Older Persons
  • Wisdom of Old Age
  • Changing Mindset of Older Persons towards Legal Justice
  • Depression in old age
  • Human Rights of Older Persons in India
  • Status & Human Rights of Older Women in India
  • Impact Assessment of Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing
  • Legal Provisions & Practices in India
  • Comprehensive Study on Status of Older Persons in Delhi & NCR
  • Sense of Security among Older Persons & their Human Rights (in collaboration with NHRC)
  • Perceptions about Older Persons
  • Financial Status of Older People in India
  • Changing Patterns of Income & Expenditure of Older People in India: An Assessment
  • Independence In Old Age With Special Focus On Long-Term & Palliative Care In Indi
  • Human Rights of Older Persons with special focus on Impact of Covid-19 on Elderly – June 2021
  • Impact of Covid-19 on the Mental Health of Older Persons – May 2021
  • Changing Needs of Old People In India – March 2021